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As people, we all have things that connect us with common fundamentals that each of us need. Clean water, food, shelter, and education are a few of the things every person should have access to. Throughout history various groups of people at different times and places have struggled to have these basic needs met.   It is at these times we can demonstrate our love and care for one another by helping to support others when these basic needs are not being met.


Tupendane was formed in 2009 in response to seeing that many in Uganda were struggling to have their basic needs met. Tupendane's goal is to be a part of a sustainable solution that would benefit the Ugandan people and empower them in the skills needed to be self-sustaining.

Boys at school.jpg

Children at the Good Samaritan Center


Well drilled for community use

Corn field.jpg

Growing maize for food

Combine and farmers.jpg

Training in sustainable farming practices

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