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As humans, we share fundamental needs that bind us together – clean water, food, shelter and education are universal essentials. Throughout history, diverse groups in different places and times have faced challenges in securing these basic necessities. It is during these critical moments that we can express our love and compassion by extending support to those in need.

Tupendane emerged in 2009 as a response to witnessing the struggles faced by many in Uganda to meet these fundamental needs. Our mission is driven by a commitment to contribute to sustainable solutions, aiming to empower the Ugandan people with the skills necessary for self-sufficiency. With a focus on fostering independence, Tupendane endeavors to be a catalyst for positive change and lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

Boys at school.jpg

Children at the Good Samaritan Center


Well drilled for community use

Corn field.jpg

Growing maize for food to support the school

Combine and farmers.jpg

Training in sustainable farming practices

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