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Clean water is essential to health and a significant priority for all people, everywhere. In 2009, twelve 20,000 litre water tanks were purchased and installed at the Good Samaritan Centre (home & school to over 2500 children in Kampala). This was the first project that Tupendane undertook. This ongoing water supply changes everything and is used for drinking, cooking, making bricks used in building projects, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Additional freshwater projects were also undertaken at the farms.

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Our heart is that all people have access to the food they need to sustain their lives and raise healthy children.  Tupendane has provided monthly food funding for 12 years to the Good Samaritan Center, feeding over 2500 children who live there as well as students from the community who attend the school.


Tupendane desires to help Ugandans become self-sustaining, empowering them to grow their own food. We have done this by sending much needed farm equipment, sharing agricultural expertise in establishing mechanized farming and mentoring Ugandan farmers in modern farming methods. This journey continues in empowering Ugandan farmers.

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A key to being self-sustaining is to have education accessible to the next generation. Over the years Tupendane has been able to send donated printing presses to enable the printing of educational materials. Today these materials support Ugandan teachers and contribute to over 2500 children at the Good Samaritan School.

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