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clean WATER

Access to clean water is a universal necessity and a top priority for all. In 2009, Tupendane took its first step by installing twelve 20,000-liter water tanks at the Good Samaritan Centre in Kampala. This ongoing initiative provides water for drinking, cooking, brick-making, cleaning, and personal hygiene, benefiting over 2500 children. Tupendane has also expanded its freshwater projects to farms, demonstrating a lasting commitment to comprehensive community development.

Boy and food.jpg

Our mission is to ensure that every individual has access to the nourishment necessary for sustaining their lives and nurturing healthy children. For the past 12 years, Tupendane has been steadfast in providing consistent monthly food funding to the Good Samaritan Center. This initiative has not only fed over 2500 children residing at the center but has also extended its impact to students from the local community who attend the school.


Tupendane is committed to fostering self-sufficiency among Ugandans, enabling them to cultivate their own sustenance. Our efforts extend beyond merely providing essential farm equipment; we actively impart agricultural expertise to establish mechanized farming and mentor Ugandan farmers in the adoption of modern, efficient methods. This ongoing journey reflects our dedication to empowering the agricultural community in Uganda.

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Empowering future generations with accessible education is pivotal for achieving self-sustainability. Tupendane has been a catalyst in this endeavor, facilitating the distribution of donated printing presses that enable the production of educational materials. Currently, these resources play a crucial role in supporting Ugandan teachers and positively impacting the lives of more than 2500 children enrolled at the Good Samaritan School.

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