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Good Samaritan Center​

  • The Good Samaritan Centre is operating at full capacity after the challenges of COVID.

  • Over 2500 children are currently receiving free boarding and education.

  • The goal of the Good Samaritan Center is to provide Christ-centered education for children from throughout the country of Uganda.

  • It is located in one of the districts of Kampala, in the midst of a very poor area of the city.

  • Children attending the school come from many different family situations, including:

    • Children from areas/villages without an opportunity for schooling.

    • Children with no parents.

    • Children of single parents or relatives as caregivers that cannot afford schooling. Basic schooling is available from the government, but schools are typically overcrowded with a lack of teachers, and the quality of public education is significantly lacking.

    • Children from the surrounding community who cannot afford schooling.

  • Tupendane and Southland Church contribute monthly funding to purchase beans as a part of their daily diet. Maize (corn) is used to make "posho," which is supplemented with the beans and makes up the basis of the children's nutritional needs.

  • The students stay onsite for most of the year but are sent home for 3-4 weeks during the summer. If students do not have a home to go to, provisions are made for them to stay at the school. This number can range from 400-500, who stay year-round.


BBT Kingdom Farms

January 2024 Harvest Update

Back to the Bible is currently harvesting 150 acres of maize. Please pray that the harvest will progress well, the yield would be high and the equipment not breakdown. 

Here are some current photos and video of the harvest!

Ongoing Farming Activities

  • The BBT farmers continue to independently plant and harvest maize on two farms. In September 2022, Tupendane sent a shipping container with a 4WD tractor and disker, which arrived in March 2023. Representatives from Tupendane traveled to Uganda in April 2023 to unpack, set up, and train BBT staff on the use of the equipment. This heavier machinery will better serve the current farming capacity and allow for an increase in acreage in the future.

  • The maize harvest continues to meet the food requirements for the Good Samaritan Centre.

  • Previously sent equipment (tractors, combines, planters, etc.) remains operational but has shown signs of wear from being heavily used for a number of years. This equipment is undergoing maintenance and repairs, but a replacement plan is being considered.

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Jan 2024 - Harvest Update
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